Who Are We ?

2 Minute Money is a money website which aims to provide information, tools, guidance and pointers to help cut through money jargon to help you make good money decisions. 
We understand that not everybody finds making money related or investment decisions interesting. It certainly isn't easy. 

The problem is that getting advice also comes with its own set of complications. In fact, there is now much talk about millions of normal investors in the UK being stuck in an 'advice gap'. We are here to help you! 
So, why 2 Minute Money? Well, it is because we know that you (or most of you!) ideally only want to spend 2 minutes sorting this out. 
So as to get all of the information that you need it is likely that it will take longer than 2 minutes. It's just that we want to deliver it to you in bite sized chunks. That way, you can get to the information that you need without having to suffer all the waffle. 

Click on the 2 Minutes On... section to view our short 2 minute videos on a wide range of money matters.

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